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15 Easy Step-By-Step Moves for Your Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

15 Easy Step-By-Step Moves for Your Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

April has arrived, and it’s about time you get some exercise in! After all, everybody’s stuck at home, and those extra calories definitely need some attention. Having an intense workout at the gym or a morning power yoga routine can be tempting. But naturally, only a few find the time to make it a part of their tiresome schedule. The rest want the best of both worlds! They need something fun but something that burns calories as well. Something that isn’t too extensive and can be easily fit between the hours of a day. Can you think of anything yet? Well, how about a fully-fleshed stay-at-home dance workout?

An appealing option to pick for a better health

To put it in perspective, you could be a new parent or a person with a demanding job. Which is to say you could be someone who rarely gets time to themselves. You could be young or old. You could be anybody locked inside the house and still get the most of this workout. There is no need for machines, only a playlist to get you moving! These fifteen dance steps will warm-up, stretch, and strengthen your body, all at once. Dancing for twenty minutes every day can help you lose weight, lower cholesterol levels, and it’s good for your heart too. So, even if the treadmill is not working out for you, this workout has you covered!

Easy Moves for Your Stay-at-home Dance Workout

While you’re indoors with not much time on your hands, it’s easy to get a quick stay-at-home dance workout with these simple dance moves:

1. Neck Circles

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Like every physical exercise, a dance routine requires a warm-up. Begin with neck circles. Keep your shoulders relaxed. And roll your neck like you’re following the second-hand of a clock, in both directions.

2. Hip Circles

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Next up, to loosen up your core muscles, move on to do some hip circles. Move your waist around to make small circles. Gradually, make bigger ones, in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. From here, you can move on to the next step of the stay-at-home dance workout with some relaxed muscles.

3. Party Groove

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Raise your arms to your sides like you’re showing off your biceps. Start grooving your arms until you get used to the movement. Then coordinate your upper body with your arm movements, so you’re spiraling waist-up.

4. And, Some More Groove

While you’re grooving with your arms and upper body, start moving your head along. These movements will pump up your body and put you into the dancing mood!

5. Booty Pop

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Keep your spine straight as you open your legs wide and bend your knees. Relax your upper body. Push your hips out, and bring them back in. Then repeat.

6. More Popping

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Once you get used to the popping, start sinking your body lower and keep the booty movement going. Here comes the adrenaline rush!

7. Jazz Hands and Jump

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

You know it, this is where you start jumping! Spread your legs wide and bend your body to form a squat. Then jump as high as you can. Spread your arms into a V while you’re in the air, then get back to the floor. Keep jumping till your legs are throbbing!

8. The Shimmy

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

While your legs are taking a breather, let’s get your upper body moving. Put your arms to your sides, but keep them low and bring your elbows close to your body. Spread your fingers, and start shaking your upper body. Keep your shoulders straight and move back and forth. Imagine shaking all your calories off while you do this!

9. Mambo Cha-Cha-Cha

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Okay, get ready, folks, we’re going to do some salsa now. Well, it’s something like salsa. Choose a lead foot and step forward with it. Carry the weight of your body along. Then, shift the weight to your other foot and step backward. You can add a rhythm of one-two-three in between and change your lead foot. Start moving diagonally with this alteration to spice it up!

10. The Strut

stay-at-home dance workout
Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

Clear out space and make some room before you do this. Put your right leg back and start walking. Take the first step with your right leg, then left, right, left, right, and so on. While walking, don’t slacken up your body. Raise your foot at the ball first, and continue.

11. And, Walk More

stay-at-home dance workout

Carry on with the same walk, but this time, indulge your whole body into the movement. Move your shoulders, your arms, your hips, and make it ramp walk. Have some fun with it!

12. Passé Lifts

Passé Lifts

Now we’re quietly transitioning into ballet. But this is not as tough, I promise. Lead with your right leg, and step forward. Balance your weight on your lead foot as you lift your left leg to touch the right knee. Repeat with the right leg. Try to do twenty alternative lifts.

13. Thrash It Out

Thrash It Out

This has to be the easiest one. Imagine you’re at a party and nobody can stop you from dancing. Lift your arms, take a wide stance. Now, start rocking your body left to right and right to left, back and forth. Keep moving your weight from side to side.

14. Arabesque Leg Lifts

Arabesque Leg Lifts

This is another technique you probably thought you could not do, but you will. Stand diagonally, while sticking your feet together, pointing the same direction as your body. Slowly, move your arms forward and shift the weight of your body on your right foot. Then slowly, raise your left leg. Imagine you’re already good at it and voilà!

15. Broadway Kicks

Broadway kicks

Take a wide stance, then step left, and kick your left foot across your right foot. Repeat with the other foot, and keep kicking till your blood is pumping!

While you can add any of your favorite stay-at-home dance workout moves into this workout, doing these will surely get your body back into the fitness routine. The best part is, you can increase the volume and put on any pumping dance numbers during your workout. Put it on shuffle or create a special dance workout music playlist for yourself! Now, get moving!’

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