3 Highly paid jobs in Mechanical Engineering – Part 2


To the continuation of the previous article on mechanical engineering jobs here we are explaining about Instrumentation engineer, Automation engineer and Powertrain engineer

Instrumentation Engineer

This engineering is primarily based on the principle and measuring instruments. This is mainly used for designing the configuration of the automated system in different areas, such as electrical, pneumatic domains, and control of the quantities. This exclusively works for industries like chemical or manufacturing plants. It works for improving the productivity of the system, reliability, safety, optimization, and stability.

1.What Skills are Required for Instrumentation Engineering?

  • Instrumentation engineer should know how to create problem-solving skills and troubleshooting skills.
  • They should have excellent critical thinking skills.
  • Good numeracy and communication skills.
  • Instrumentation engineer needs a strong team working skills.
  • Also, they should have the power to motivate others.
  • They must have the skills to manage others and to handle projects efficiently.
  • They can work flexibility and the ability to compromise.
  • They have the skills to manage operations.
  • They can effortlessly work and communicate with relevant authorities.

2.What are the Exams You Can Give for an Instrumentation Engineering Job?

Entrance exams is the key for admission in any instrumentation engineering College. Besides that, you have to give JEE Main and JEE advanced exams. State and private engineering colleges can select the candidates. They have the authority to choose the candidates who are eligible to pursue the degree. There are some other exams like state level entrance exams such as MHT, CET, WBJEE, KCET.

3.What are the Certifications Needed to Get an Instrumentation Engineering Job?

You need the calibration and instrumentation certificate for an instrumentation engineering job.

You also need the certification of diploma in calibration and design engineering.

Cetrarate of Instrumentation and the certification of PG diploma are needed for an instrumentation engineering job.

Besides that, it needs computerized instrumentation and process control engineering certificates.

4.What about Salary in an Instrumentation Engineering Job?

If you have a degree in instrumentation engineering, you can get a good job in areas like electrical, mechanical, or other electronic section. Additionally, because of its multidisciplinary nature, an instrumentation engineer can work in different other industries rather than engineering. $ 83.947 is the average salary of a basic instrumentation engineer.

Automation Engineering

Automation engineers mainly look at automating the software process. Automated engineers have to deal with the sense of traditional engineering. For that, they have to provide automated solutions and physical activities.

These expert automation engineers have the proper knowledge and capacity to design, create, develop, and manage systems for a different field like factory automation, process automation, and warehouse automation.

Also, it is a standard engineering field. An automatic control system uses for operating other systems, machines. This mainly reduces the human effort and time for the development of precision.

1.What are the Skills Required for automation engineering?

An automation engineer is an essential concern of business and different fields related to IT professionals. Here are a few additional skills that you must require if you are holding the position of an automation engineer. Such as,

  • Configuration management is required for automation engineering.
  • Automation engineer must-have troubleshooting skill.
  • They must-know development methodology.
  • Also, they must learn the skills of coding and scripting.

As you can see, this job requires excellent technical skills.

2.What Exams are needed for Automation Engineering?

Automation engineering is a long-lasting career. In this industry, you have to be efficient in manual testing. However, if you are a complete newbie, you have to learn some programming languages, such as C, java, python, SQL, Perl, HTML, CSS, and XML.

3.What Certifications are required for Automation Engineering?

Here are the certifications you need for this automation engineering-

  • CAST(you should have a three or 4-year degree from a college)
  • CSTE(you must have an A4 year degree from an accredited college or institution or two years of experience in information service)
  • HP 
  • Also, you have to have an advanced level, like 8 to 11 years of experience.
  • Advanced level experience of 8 to 11 years of the manager role.
  • You might also need an expert level of 11 years of software testing certifications.
  • Then you required the certification of foundation.
  • You need an agile software practitioner level certifications.

4.What about Salary of an automation engineer?

The salary of the automation engineer is C$68,607.
The profit of sharing is C$3,500.
The average bonus is C$3,084.

Powertrain Engineer

A powertrain engineer mainly works in the automotive industry to specially design the transportation. The powertrain engineer works in the sector of commercial vehicles, bikes and cars. In this career, you have to focus on the aesthetic, technical performance of powertrain devices, and electronic software used in the vehicles.

1.What Skills are required for Powertrain Engineering?

A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering is a must. Then, a master’s in powertrain design, and then they have to keep a practical experience of vehicle power learning. The vehicle is autonomous or not; they have to learn about the basics of power trains in the same field.

Additionally, it requires the software and hardware knowledge, whether an electric motor or IC engine drives it. They have to understand computer science, different industrial skills, pressure management, creativity, structural analysis, problem-solving skills, creativity, and communication.

2.What Certifications Needed for a Powertrain Engineering job?

The must needed certifications for this powertrain engineering are-

  • The comprehensive fundamental networking courses.
  • Software development process.
  • Biomedical nanotechnology by NPTEL certifications.
  • Necessary network security certifications.
  • Exin cloud computing certifications.
  • Exin cloud computing certifications.
  • You have to have Agile project managing certifications.

3.What Exams Can You Take to Get Powertrain Engineering Job?

There are some exams you can take, such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT. Other important things to look for are SRMJEEE SRM joint engineering entrance exam and VITEEE or Vellore institute of technology engineering entrance exam.

4.What about Average Salary of Powertrain Engineering?

The average salary of powertrain engineering is monthly 195k to 209k.

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