Who is a mechanical engineer? What jobs can a mechanical engineer do?

Mechanical Engineer


A mechanical engineer is more important than one might think. It is essential to build new machinery every day because the old ones can wear down at any time. After all, it’s a technology that doesn’t last forever, especially when it comes to machines!

A mechanical engineer is needed to design and manufacture, develop or install the mechanical systems or components, whether on a large or small scale. Every industry requires mechanical engineering, whether it is transportation, healthcare, water, or power; they all need component equipment to work.

When it comes to the crucial role of job responsibility, it depends on the type of employer you are.

High paying jobs in the field-

  • Aerospace engineer
  • Maintenance engineer
  • Nuclear engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Automation Engineer
  • Powertrain Engineer
  • Robotics
  • Supply chain management
  • Nanotechnology
  • CAD technician
  • Research and development engineer
  • Senior Mechanical Engineer
  • Senior Design Engineer

1) Aerospace engineer 

One of the most prestigious kinds, it is also called as aeronautical engineering. It deals with the construction of spacecraft and aircraft. Astronautical and aeronautical are the two branches that are very much similar to avionics, accept it deals with electronics.

1.What are the skills required for an aerospace engineering job?

Here is a list of skills one must have to expire for the job of aerospace engineer-

● Technical knowledge about aerospace manufacturing

● Creative and innovative thinking for developing designs

● Analytical and problem-solving skills

● Systematic approach and attention to details

● Team working skills

● Self-motivation and get line commitments

2. What are the popular exams we have to get an aerospace engineering job?

There are a few entrance exams like JEE, but most importantly, you must have a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering courses.

Other than that, all the graduates need to take the exams after their bachelors to be a licensed professional engineer of their state.

3. What are the certifications needed to get an aerospace engineering job?

You need a few certifications to bring more value to your degree and skills.

Project Management Professional (PMP). 

A PMP can be beneficial in showing your management skills in teamwork and as a person.

Risk Management. 

Risk management certification can bring it to the next level, considering how you can manage program risk and safety.

Safety Professional. 

It is one of the best certifications for people looking at product safety and airworthiness.

Other certifications- Certified reliability engineer, engineering graphics, geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, certified technology manager, test and balance engineer.

4.What is the average salary for an aerospace engineering job?

Aerospace engineers can earn up to £20,000 to £28,000 at the beginning of their job. With good experience, skilled engineers can also end up earning £28,000 to £40,000.

Once an engineer has a chartered status, he can get even more than £45,000 to £60,000 or even more when it reaches a senior level. However, if you can research for masters qualification, you can get a high paying salary at the beginning itself, but also it depends on the company you work for.

2) Maintenance engineer

The duty of a maintenance engineer requires implementing engineering concepts to optimize procedures, equipment, and machines. The devices need to work in good condition and provide adequate reliability.

1. What are the skills required for this job?

Hair are few skills you require to become a successful maintenance engineer-

● Problem-solving ability

● Physical ability

● Working under pressure

● Versatility

So overall, this job doesn’t require a lot of skills other than just good technical knowledge.

2. What are the popular exams we have for a maintenance engineering job?

The best and biggest exam of a maintenance engineer is aircraft maintenance engineering JEE (AME). India is among the biggest providers of maintenance engineers globally, and hence this exam is essential. Other than that, there are no special exams required for the entry requirement as a maintenance engineer.

3. What are the certifications needed to get a maintenance engineering job?

Typically a maintenance engineer needs to have certification in industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, or any other similar expect to pursue it. However, there is no particular certification; a few colleges in Germany (German Jordanian University) provide graduation courses just in specific maintenance engineering. So if someone is entirely dedicated to that, he can try that certification.

4. What is the average salary for a maintenance engineer?

The initial salary can vary from £20,000 to £25,000 for maintenance engineers. For an average official, it can be anywhere between £30,000 and £35,000. Experienced one can get up to £40,000.

3) Nuclear engineer

A nuclear engineer deals with radiation and atomic energy and can use it to develop systems and instruments. It ultimately involves radioactive materials that can help with health care treatments and diagnosis.

1.What are the skills required for nuclear engineering?

Here’s a list of essential skills you need to pursue nuclear engineering-


One should be fluent in English enough to understand the information that is written. And also should be able to communicate with others fluently.


This is pretty much what every engineer needs to have. Solving any problem within a given time is necessary in an emergency that can fall anytime.

Use logical reasoning

In nuclear engineering, the given information helps, but you should have good practice to use logical reasoning.

Be good at maths

A brilliant ability to solve maths is always beneficial in any kind of engineering.


Be good with others and everyone, and maintain a healthy relationship.

Designing plants 

This is the only thing that makes a nuclear engineer different from the rest of the fields. One must be quick enough to design nuclear plants.

2.What are the popular exams we have to get nuclear engineering job?

To get a job as a nuclear engineer, all you need is to clear HNC. It will give you deeper knowledge of technicalities when you get into a graduate program. Once you finish graduation, it’s a good time to start looking and applying for jobs!

3. What are the certifications needed to get nuclear engineering job?

After graduating, you can opt for these certifications to have more excellent value!

● Nuclear reactor physics.

● Nuclear criticality safety engineering.

● Reactor engineering

● Radiation protection engineering.

● Radiation physics.

● Nuclear radiation detection.

4. What is the average salary for nuclear engineering job?

The average salary of a typical nuclear engineer varies around $86,965 more or less. Depending on your skill and knowledge, it can go up or down.

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