5 Tips on How to Love Your Work

We are taught from school that we need to love our work. Only now, in practice, not everyone manages to enjoy their work. Something always does not suit us or upsets us: colleagues, bosses, reports, a dress code, work Saturdays … All this puts pressure and causes stress. So how to love your work? You can, of course, quit. But such an opportunity is not always and not at all. So try to love your work. Just try to put the most liked of our tips into practice and, perhaps, your work will soon turn from a routine into a holiday.

What are you really creating?

How to Love Your Work
How to Love Your Work

In his writings, Marx also introduced the concept of alienation: the employee ceases to associate himself with the product manufactured by the company. He knows that he is tightening the nut, but does not feel that he is doing something important. Result: stress, unwillingness to work, apathy, and other “joys.” Later, Jean-Paul Sartre demonstrates that we, the people of late capitalism, are much more susceptible to the syndrome of alienation: burrowing in pieces of paper, we even less feel our involvement in the result.

So, how to avoid dislike for work on this basis? Try to articulate what you are doing in your position. For example, you fill out documents for the shipment of confectionery products of your company.

Now imagine what happens if you do not do this – 73 restaurants in the city will not receive the goods, which will lead to 6500 people (estimated by the number of products) unable to order dessert on this day. After all, sweet after lunch makes them a little happier! As a result, they will not be happier if you do not fill out the documents, and the shipment does not happen. It turns out that your actions make 6500 people happy in your city every day. And this is true.

Perhaps at first glance, the method will seem strange, but try to compose such a chain about your duties, and when you come to work the next day, think about the final value of your functions. The result can make you very happy!

Anna, 24 years old: “I found out about a similar method 3 years ago when my responsibilities came down to photocopying and file folders with documents. I hated my work and waited every day when they would instruct me to do something real. Then, out of boredom, I thought about how to advise in the method, and it turned out that without my activity the work of the entire accounting department and, therefore, the whole company would arise. The feeling was very unusual – I felt simply irreplaceable. But I was amazed when after 4 days, I was promoted, saying that “my enthusiasm can be applied with great efficiency.”

Positive, Where Are You?

How to Love Your Work
How to Love Your Work

The human psyche is designed so that we react to adverse events and experiences more emotionally than positive ones. Moreover, they hold in our memory longer. To verify this, it is enough to compare your actions in a situation where the saleswoman in the store served us well and when she did it poorly. In the first case, we will react to the event calmly. In the second, most likely, we will indignantly tell friends and, perhaps, even write an angry post on the Internet.

At work, the same thing happens. We discuss a quarrel with a colleague much longer than the help provided to you by the same person. In order not to fall prey to such a device of our brain, you just need to focus on the positive.

Try to find joyful moments in everything. For example, your chair is very comfortable. Take this thought for a few seconds: it won’t be worse, but a small dose of endorphin will develop. Or the boss allowed you to finish your work at home – what a luck, you won’t have to stay in the office until late! Note: it is essential not that he loaded you with this much work, but that he was allowed to do it in comfortable conditions. Finding positive in everything is an excellent skill that makes life very easy!

Lily, 24 years old: “When stressful situations began to arise at work, I started … fish on the desktop. Now, when something annoys me, I just get distracted for a couple of minutes and watch them. Calm returns very quickly. Thanks to these lovely creatures! ”

Beauty or the beast?

How to Love Your Work

Another factor that we sometimes forget about is our appearance. We women always feel much better when we know that we look incomparable. Then why, wallowing in worries and working matters, we so often stop paying attention to our appearance?

This is not about corporate style or dress code, but about the inner feeling when you know for sure that you look beautiful. At such moments, we feel that we are capable of anything! Be sure to use this trick to cheer yourself up. If your office is customary to walk exclusively in business suits, just follow the example of our heroine.

Tanya, 32 years old: “When I switched to my current job, for the first time I couldn’t get used to the strictest dress code: you can’t wear heels, wear bright colors, wear something more or less sexy … But I’m used to looking like a queen, not a gray mouse. The friend suggested the solution: beautiful sexy lingerie. Now at work, in spite of the black jacket and the skirt below the knee, I feel incomparable. ”

How much can you repeat?

Even though I want the changes to occur instantly as if by magic, it is often necessary to make some efforts and show persistence so that the situation moves forward.

For example, if you look for positive features in your work today, and tomorrow, you are angry that nothing has changed, it is unlikely that you can achieve the desired result. Enjoy the process of improving your attitude to work, notice small changes, and then severe changes will come much faster.

The heroine of the film “In love with one’s own will” gives excellent advice: “You need to identify the right thoughts and repeat them until they become your own:“ But still I have a wonderful job, what a delightful power over metal, what a pleasure to conquer it … “”

“Or maybe it’s easier to find a job more interesting?”, 

She: “An interesting work is self-hypnosis.”

What to Expect?

How to Love Your Work

No matter how excellent your position is and how much you love it, it is vital to have another hobby or hobby.

It is best to alternate physical and mental labour. Remember, there were such posters in school classrooms: “When you see this poster, remember the rule is simple: if you work while sitting, then rest while standing!”. The thought of this slogan does not lose relevance. If you sit in the office all day, do not be lazy to walk to the house or at least to the subway. This is only good for your body.

In The End

Forced to admit: a considerable number of people do not like their work. But it is in our power to get out of their number. If you feel that everything at work is not so bad as to change it, use our advice and try to make your stay more joyful. Good luck with this endeavour, and be sure to write about interesting observations and results in the comments, maybe this will help someone else to know how to love their work!

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