Essentials for Travelling: 10 Item Ultimate Checklist

Looking for essentials for travelling?

Travelling is fun. I’d say it’s up there among the list of things you should do more often. As fun as travelling is, though, there’s one question that always comes up – essentials for travelling?

Packing for a trip is for me, one of those chores I’d rather not do. I mean, if I could, I would leave home and arrive at my destination with my stuff neatly packed with all my essentials waiting for me in my hotel.

How cool would that be? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. To have the best of fun, you must go through the stress of packing your stuff. A price to pay for a pleasant trip.

Picture this, though; you’ve painstakingly packed all the stuff you need, double-checked only to arrive at your destination and realize you’ve left a few essentials back home. 

I’ve been situations like this too many times. I understand the frustration that comes with thinking you planned everything only to find out you left a few items that are important to the trip back home.

It could lead to spending extra money that you’d rather use for something else. The whole trip becomes quite stressful at this point and, in some cases, can ruin the entire trip for you.

I hate when this happens – who doesn’t. That’s why I came up with my ultimate checklist of essentials for travelling. This list has become my main companion and interestingly has never failed me.

I’ve used it to go on the most basic 2-day trips to elaborate vacations. I like to travel light, and this list provides just the right essentials that fit into my luggage to ensure a memorable and stress-free journey. 

Essentials for Travelling 

For any travel, whether solo backpacking across Europe or visiting Paris with the family, here are 10 essentials to pack when travelling;


Essentials to Pack When Travelling
Essentials to Pack When Travelling

This might seem like something you shouldn’t be reminded of to pack when travelling, but I’ve included it to make sure. My passport is my most prized possession to pack when travelling; I don’t go anywhere without because frankly, you couldn’t get far without it.

In most cases, you couldn’t even get in countries without a valid passport, and also, after you’re in, you need your passport for identification. Be sure to confirm the validity of your passport before settling and keep it close to you at all times. 


Essentials to Pack When Travelling
Essentials to Pack When Travelling

Another essential to pack when travelling. Unless you are visiting a nudist country, you have to pack some clothing. Now here’s the tricky part, the type of clothes you pack depends on where you’re going. That’s why it’s always handy to check out seasonal weather before you pack.

You don’t want to pack light clothing when you’re visiting Alaska in winter or fur jackets when you’re visiting a beach in Africa. A rule of thumb is to note the activities you’ll participate in and pack the required clothing accordingly.


Essentials to Pack When Travelling
Essentials to Pack When Travelling

Once I forgot to pack my camera, and I’ll tell you now it was probably the worst trip I’d been on. It wasn’t because I didn’t have fun- I did- but I couldn’t save any of those memories.

Even when I got home and I told friends, some of the things I did while on the trip, some found it hard to believe because- again, there were no records. I couldn’t even replay the memories after the trip; I had to rely on mental images to reminisce.

The camera is indeed essential to pack when travelling. It’s easier these days, though, if you don’t want a travel camera, you can always use your smartphone to take beautiful pictures and videos to remember the trip. 


If like me, you are heavy on drinking water, then a water bottle is one thing you shouldn’t forget to pack when travelling. Getting water to drink in some places, especially in hot areas, can be expensive and unsustainable.

Get a nice reusable water bottle to stay hydrated on the road. Better for the environment, and you don’t have to keep buying bottled water.


Essentials to Pack When Travelling
Essentials to Pack When Travelling

I find that toiletries are the most personal aspects to pack when travelling. Some people may be fine with packing only a toothbrush, toothpaste, and a bar of soap, while others may not get by without the full roll of tissue, body wash, face mask, hair sprays, and conditioner.

Pick what works best for you and get them arranged in your luggage ready to assemble when you need them. If you’re the type that can survive without hair sprays and conditioners, there’s no need to pack them, but if you can’t, then by all means- pack them. 


Nobody remembers to pack torches unless you’re planning camping trips. As unimportant as they seem, head torches are particularly handy for any trip. Sudden power cut? You’re good.

Have to get up early through a dark path? Trying to read after lights out? Just name it. If you need reliable lighting at any time, include head torches in your list of things to pack when travelling. 


Travel Adapters are the unsung heroes of charging on trips. A lot of countries have different power outlet sockets, and it could be a real pain if you can’t find one that works for you.

You either keep buying chargers or finding plugs that rack up your bills in the long run. Save yourself the stress and get a do-it-all travel adapter, and remember it to pack it along when you travel.


Essentials to Pack When Travelling
Essentials to Pack When Travelling

A power bank is essential to pack when travelling. I used to never go anywhere with a power bank, I didn’t even have one, but when you travel often, you realize that there will be times where you won’t have access to wall sockets, and you need to charge anything from your phone to your laptop or even a camera.

That’s why you need a power bank. Power banks, portable and easy to use, are suitable for staying active, on the go since you can charge whenever and wherever you are.


A healthy trip is a great trip. Always remember to pack medicine that you can use to combat sickness while on your trip. Checklist your medication for any underlying illness, allergies, or painkillers, and make sure you have them all packed before you leave. 


Commuting to your destination can take quite some time. If you’re like me and you like to stay occupied with books while you travel, get some good books to pack when travelling (or eBooks to save space) to keep yourself entertained and busy during your travels. You can read this article to know the essentials for travelling.

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