7 tips to find another job in crisis?

How to find another job in crisis
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A considerable part of the world is suffering to good job, especially in the situation of this crisis. As our livelihood totally depends on our income, it’s crucial to have a dependable source of money. Although after the breakout of COVID-19 in 2020, many people have lost their jobs. Now it’s time to find another job in crisis.

Travelling and going to the office, meeting new people to share business plans, these are all gone days. As there is a strict provision on gathering, even the smallest authority job sector is shut down. From a clerk to a principal, everybody is jobless right now.
But how can one survive in the same situation for a long time? All the remaining money will be used up one day and will be left with just penny in our hand.
Therefore this article will teach you how you can find another job in crisis.

1. Explore yourself

You must own a quality that makes you stand out a little better than your batchmates. Every single day students graduate and look for jobs in huge companies. And only 1% of them get selected.
What makes you different is nothing but the talent, skill and your expertise in the field. Even in the crisis now many vacancies are open looking for candidates.

You must find the talent you have and which job will be best for you. Put all your efforts, time, and energy in sharpening the particular skills that will bring you in that 1%. You will be evaluated against all the other candidates applying for the job in crisis. And you must know, they all have suffered from the crisis, and they are doing everything to get that last spot. Be sure you make more effort than that.

2. Find out new markets and job in crisis

You will see the shutdown of many markets that were once flourishing. But on the contrary, you will find new emerging markets that are high in demand. You will see a dropdown in the stock market, trading, or in high budget large scale investments. However, many new opportunities are available where you can actually work and earn as a common man.
For instance, there is a considerable possibility for jobs at a hospital where you can serve even as a receptionist. You can always look for people who are working even today and ask them for vacancies.

You may not find anything for 10 days, but there is always a new possibility on the 11th. So a piece of good advice would be to begin exploring the markets that are running right now, rather than thinking of something in the long run.

3. Build new connections

Once you have discovered your talents and the perfect job where you can serve, it’s time to get started. The perfect resource to get a job in crisis is to make connections. Find out a friend or even a stranger who is working in the field. Don’t look for a person who is in the top position. There’s a rare chance he will opt to help. Instead, find someone who is working in 10th position or so. There is a good chance he will let you know the details and all about working there. Once you are familiar with the situation and comfortable with the job requirements, you can give it a try.

4. Make an impressive resume

When you know where you want to work, the next thing would be to build an impressive resume. Include all the recent accomplishments you have. You should mention all the skills you have and all the things you are good at. Also, please upgrade it to another level to make it look better than the competitor’s resume.

5. Prepare yourself for a virtual interview

Mostly all the interviews will be conducted on screens or virtual platforms during a crisis. So you may feel nervous, but it will not be much. You need to find a good background and an empty corner. Prepare yourself to answer all the questions related to your subject.

Other than that, another important aspect is your attire. You should look highly professional and confident by your personality. That’s a great way to win the interview over other candidates during this crisis.

6. Start your own ‘something.’

You can start your source of earning. You can serve people by making arts and crafts or even take tuition. You can bake a cake! That’s never getting old. If people are afraid of connecting with you because of a pandemic situation, you can always opt for an online platform. Start your online coaching classes where students can connect with you on a video call. It will be your own personal tuition that will help you earn good money.

7. Look for jobs in the online platform

Online platform for jobs is way bigger than you think. There is nothing we cannot find online, and that also works for job in crisis. And what’s great is, you don’t need a lot of talent for that. Let’s look at the common ways by which you can earn well in online media:

Teaching: If you excel in a particular language, you can earn by teaching it to international students. Many websites are looking for teachers having expertise in particular subjects. And if you have the knowledge and confidence in the right amount, you can definitely earn through that.
Writing: Demands are always uprising for the writing business. Whether it is a short story or content, article or news, everything is always in high demand. All you need is an excellent vocabulary, and you can try that too.
Marketing: This area takes a massive quantity of online audience to itself. You can try some marketing by signing up to that trending network marketers. Or you can do a partnership with an ongoing project out there. But again, don’t forget to get in-depth knowledge before you dive into anything risky.


There are lots of ways to earn, even during a crisis. Sure it is hard to find a stable job, but for the short term, you can give it a shot and see which one works best for you.Watch the below video

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