10 tips to maintain good health when working from home

Working from home

Working from home is an opportunity that everybody desires, especially in this lock down. And if you have got one, this article is a lifesaver for you, literally. When you work at home, it merely means you work on your computer, laptop for mobile. You must be unaware of the hazards these devices are already causing you.

Self-care is essential when you spend most of the hours in front of the screen. You unknowingly invite numerous health problems over the years of your job. But a benefit you get working from home is you can give yourself some time or break from work. It’s time you start utilizing the flexibility and comfort you get at home to replenish your health.

1.      Keep a distinct office space

It’s essential to have a separate space for working at your home. Never work lying down on your bed. Also, if you keep work-related stuff in your bedroom, you will never be able to relax with a free mind. And if you are thinking about working on your couch, it’s not a good idea either. Cause every time you sit on the couch to just enjoy the movie, you will still think of work and professional obligations. So no matter where you live, just set up a small area for chair and desk to mark it as a territory of the work zone.

2. Give a break to yourself while working

Whether you are typing or working as a web designer, staring at the screen can be dangerous for your eyes. That’s the reason professionals recommend to take breaks while working. Breaks should be taken at fixed intervals.

The best rule out there is a 20-minute rule. After every 20 minutes of staring into the screen, take a break for your eyes. Just look always at something for 20 seconds; that’s approximately 20 feet far from you. Then you can get back to work. It’s a secure method to relieve stress if you don’t have enough time to take longer breaks.

3. Get up more often

While working from home If your seat is very comfortable, you may never wish to get up. You must set a timer or the alarm of 40 minutes. After each bell, make it your habit to warm up or stretch. If possible, go out for a quick walk in the sunlight.

It will reduce any stress your eyes may get from the screen. If you stay all day indoors and then go out, your eyes will get sharp glair and will be uncomfortable for you. So to avoid it, try to take a walk in between your work.

4. Sleep and wake cycle

It’s usual for people who work from home to stay up late at night. What people don’t realize is it’s the most common cause of mental health problems. Also, it will strain your eyes the other day a lot. A proper sleep and wake schedule is essential, mainly if you don’t go out for work.

Adults need to have 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily, especially if they work on screen. Due to all the flexibility you get at your home, do not ruin your sleep schedule. This is the first step into good health for your eyes’ brain and body.

5. Stick to the working schedule

Having a discipline while working from home is very crucial. Treat your work time as you will in your office. Decide the particular hours of the day when you will do nothing but work. That will save you from unnecessary mental stress you can get because of unfinished work.

6. Get a good chair

Investing in a good office chair is very important. It can be pricey but really important too. It should be comfortable on your back and bottoms, keeping you aligned throughout the whole day. Make sure you set your chair at a perfect angle from the screen. Also, when you sit on your chair, the screen should be below your eye level.

7. Healthy eye habits

Not taking care of your eye while working on screen can lead to blurred vision, double vision, headache, red eyes. Out of all the things about self-care, pain care of your eyes should be your priority.

8. Maintain the distance

Keeping the screen too close or too far from your eyes will cause unnecessary strain. The best range for screen recommended is 20 to 28 inches far from the eyes. And definitely below the eye level. Also, blink more often while you stare at the screen

9. Turn on the night mode

Even if you work in daylight, it’s not a bad idea to turn on the night mode. The yellow pigmentation on the screen will cancel out any blue light. As we know, blue light is damaging for the eyes, working all the time in night mode will be a great help.

Check out in the settings of your laptop if you have color and light enhancement features. If you don’t, you can always download an application or software for this purpose.

10. Don’t work in glare

You can always get unwanted glare if you work too close to the sunlight. Extra light falling on your computer screen will still cause more glare and stress to your eyes. It is better to switch on the lights in your room and then work instead of letting sunlight fall on the screen.

Additionally, Get Computer glasses

The easiest way to minimize the radiation coming from the screen is to get computer glasses. You should not resist investing in these glasses as it helps protect your eyes. You can never really measure how much glare is hurting your eyes every day. So the best solution would be to wear glasses and reject all the radiation right away.


Working from home can be a gift or a risk, depending on how you do it. Make sure you follow the above steps to protect your physical and mental health, especially the eyes. After all, good health is the only thing we need to work in the upcoming years.

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