I have a problem; I know I do. It is not something I am happy about, but no matter how hard I tried I could not find a way to stop myself from doing stuff at the very last minute. Today I will discuss how procrastination stole my time. 

I have been like this for as long as I can remember. I find a way to procrastinate every time I have something to do, whether it is doing school homework or a house chore, it does not matter as long as I can push the time to do it further away.

Sometimes I think I could be doing better in school than I am now if I was not a master at procrastination.

Doing things at the last minute made me rush to finish them up so I could submit them and this attitude made me not do the best that I can potentially do.

How procrastination stole my time

I do fool myself that I work best under pressure, I used to genuinely believe this, but now I know they are just flimsy excuses. The tasks I usually have good intentions for would come out half-baked because of that thing they call procrastination.

I remember I once wanted to learn the skill to use for a particular software from a senior colleague of mine in college. I kept taking rain checks on the sessions we planned until he became occupied with some research work and finally graduated.

It has always been like this with me; missing out on opportunities because of my procrastinating nature.

I think what causes this procrastination is the excess activities that I do sometimes that do not have much benefit in the long run and a lack of inspiration for me to properly plan my schedules. This does not apply to only me.

Most people claim to be busy all the time, but if you really check to see you will notice that the things that are “busy” doing are not really productive.

I have always known myself to be an intelligent person and I am creative as well, but the time that I can use to work and do the things I plan on doing, I use it to talk to friends and allow myself to get distracted.

How I learned to not to procrastinate

I am spontaneous and handle life as it comes instead of being organized. Now, I can see that there is a better way to do things. I am tired of being in a constant loop of not having time to myself because of all the unnecessary stuff I always have to do.

I now use a diary to keep track of things, important things, that I need to do so I can work in a more structured way and be in control of my time instead of just doing things as they come.

Doing stuff like this would help me and anyone else like me make be more productive and stop procrastinating because we will know that the time we are wasting now would affect the things we have already planned for a later time.

Well, this was my story on how procrastination stole my time, let me know yours below in the comment.

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