Music, in general, knowledge, refers to the combination of vocal and instrumental sounds to create expressions. Words like melody and song have also, over the years, have defined what music connotes. We can relate to music in some way or another. Whether it’s our favorite song on tv, favorite band, or even that old violin or piano you found in the basement and learned how to play. The truth is that we all need a break from the struggles and bustles of our everyday life. Music seems to provide a haven, shelter away from the reality of life, and we revere it for that. We all either have an instrument we like to play, a song we love to listen too, or an artist/band that is our go-to whenever we need a break from reality.

The reasons why I love music are too numerous to count. For me, it’s much more than random notations that come together to become sheet music, much more than the bass, much more than the lyrics. It’s for me, perhaps the most significant thing to happen to a man. Over the years, humans have developed and invented some of the most excellent tools that advanced the survival of humans and improved our standard of living. Still, for me, if I had to pick, I’d say music is one of the biggest of those.

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I’m not picking music over medical cures for epidemic and air travel. All I’m saying is all these advancements and developments were made better with the effect of music. Some of the world’s greatest inventors had their ideas while listening to music. Music does that to you. From Hip hop to jazz and country music, music has the indispensable ability to change your mood and brighten your day, giving you inspirations from where you never even thought to look. That’s why I love music. But don’t take my word for it. To prove my point, I have come it with my list of 10 reasons why I love music and why you should too;

7 Reasons why I love music 

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to my 7 reasons why I love music and why you should too. Some of these are going to be from personal experience, but if you find a parallel that you can relate to, it only makes it better. 7 reasons why I love music, let’s begin;

  • Self-expression. 

How many times have you tried to say something but you couldn’t find the words to. You know how you feel, but you couldn’t express it to yourself speak less of telling it to other people. But then, you listen to a song that seems to translate everything you feel into beats and melody. You don’t know how, but it sounds like this musician just lived through this phase of your life and now making songs just for you. This indescribable characteristic is the number one reason why I love music. Songs and lyrics can mean so much. They carry so much weight and if you’re looking for words to describe what you feel, they are the go-to. Probably why there’s music for everything, weddings, losing loved ones and even breakups.

  • Music Enhances Physical Performance.

Walk into a gym, and the first thing you’ll probably notice is that most people are plugged into their headphones while they train. Why do you think that is? The biggest reason people listen to music in the gym is that it enhances physical performance. You heard right. An essential part of the reason why I love music, studies have shown that when you combine music with physical activity, it becomes significantly easier to sustain it for longer periods and more efficiently.

It’s no surprise why athletes and fitness experts recommend getting your playlist right before hitting the stands.

  • Music is Portable.

There are a lot of expensive and bulky hobbies out there; music is certainly not one of them. Now with increased technology, you can enjoy great music no matter where you are anywhere in the world. Music and Video Streaming platforms have made it much easier to source for your favorite music content from almost any device, anywhere.

  • Enhances mental acuity 

Whether by insight or perception, music has shown tendencies to improve the scholar’s mental coordination. Students who participate in music courses in school score significantly higher than those students who do not. They also tend to be more creative and coordinated than their peers. A lot of scholars also confirmed that studying while listening to certain music can aid retention.

  • Music is One of the Fewest Activities that Utilizes All of the Brain.

This perhaps holds the key to explain point number 4 above. Listening to music is one of the very few activities that engage all parts of the brain. Scientists confirmed that when we listen to music, we make use of the auditory and neural networks in the brain that activates other functions like the emotional, motor, and creative parts.

  • Bridges diversity 

Remember the last time you stumbled on a song on the radio. You didn’t understand a word they said, but for the next few weeks, it was your favorite. If that has ever happened to you, you’re not alone. Music often cross borders and travel even beyond the musician’s reach. Music can serve as a source of education as it provides insights into other cultures and lifestyles.

  • Improves Mood 

Music has many significant effects, but one of the most important and my favorite reason why I love music is that it is beneficial to health and mood. One reason why music lovers may perform higher in tests compared to people who do not listen to music can be traced to the fact that retention is highly improved when happy. Unsurprisingly listening to music can elevate your mood and put you in happier states, long enough to retain all the information you need.

People who listen to music regularly have shown signs of being happier. Even plants and babies benefit from listening to music. Calm music amplifies cows’ milk production. Music also causes the release of dopamine in the brain. People with brain injuries have also confirmed music has helped them recall memories.

Final Thoughts 

These 7 reasons why I love music doesn’t just highlight the beneficial effects of music, it shows a pattern that if you follow, you can easily take advantage of the many effects of music to transcend into a healthy, happier lifestyle. This, for me, is the biggest pro and the most important reason why I love music, and I think you should do too.

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