My passion for reading

I’m a passionate reader. I always have been. Some people joke about it; others are big fans of my passion for reading and my commitment to reading almost every day, which, for me, is more of a hobby than it is a chore.

I wouldn’t call myself an aggressively avid reader, but I pride myself in reading a new book every three weeks or thereabout, adding up to about 20 books a year, which let’s be honest, is just a wee bit impressive.

My passion for reading means that I read different genres. I could be reading books on health, lifestyle, and business this month, and you could catch me getting lost in the latest romance or sci-fi novel the next time you see me.

I’d say my primary reason for reading would be to learn and grow personally and professionally, that’s why I most often jot down critical takes from books to go over when I finish reading.

This way, it’s easier to absorb the points more efficiently, but it also becomes very convenient to go back and reference the aspects I find most important whenever I need to.

My passion for reading: How it all began

As far as I can tell, my passion for reading started right from childhood. My father would often read me books. A significant part of my childhood involves me waiting for my dad to come home with a new book that he would often read to me while making corresponding voices for each character.

These books ranging from fairy tales and adventures to DIYs and Educational materials, helped contribute to my passion for reading and shaped my childhood in ways that eventually led me through the journey of who I was and what I wanted to do in life.

Over time my passion for reading led to libraries, garage sales, and bookshops, and it was then I ultimately found peace and comfort with the books I read. I don’t think any feeling compares to the satisfaction of reading a book from cover to cover and knowing that I now have a new wealth of knowledge and can now move to conquer the next book.

Although I own a kindle and I read Soft copies of books, I still think nothing beats holding a reading a physical copy, but that’s just me. I spend most days in front of screens, so for me, swiping and immersing myself in each page as I go is one of the best feelings I could experience.

What about the naysayers 

Some may not understand my passion for reading; full disclosure, while some of my friends are impressed with my ability to immerse myself in books, others, not so much, especially since, according to them, I am not getting paid to read.

So, what do you do? 

It might seem pointless to some, but believe me, when I say my passion for reading gives me so much joy, and I’d rather not be doing anything else with my time. As long as you love what you do- and I do, very much.

There’s no reason to listen to people who do not share the interests, there are always people who share your interests and will still appreciate what you do, all you have to do is find where you fit in. For me, nothing can separate me from my passion for reading.

I do enjoy movies, but I frankly believe that there’s nothing quite like taking a first-hand trip into the mind of the author, imagine a whole new world, places that could only exist in your world. Not to mention, you also get to discover new things about life.


I’d say in conclusion that reading has made me who I am today. My books and I are live long friends. My passion for reading has brought me joy, made me friends and given me the tools needed in life. More than a passion, it’s my lifestyle.

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