Welcome to the life of a reader. It’s a wild ride. Some books will be memorable and life changing books, others won’t be, and some books will completely change the way you live. It’s the roller coaster of reading.

Hidden somewhere in the expansive world of books are life changing books that will change the way you live, whether in your relationship or career, they will leave impacts so big that it will shape the rest of your life.

Finding these life changing books that will change your life may be a little tricky as there are a lot of books out there claiming to do the same.

While some books calm you down and help you relieve stress after a tasking day, others are specific and demand action.

They tell you what you need to know, whether it’s job-wise or a relationship guide, books tend to open our eyes to a whole way of seeing the world, eliciting sustainable changes in the manner in our approach to life.

Those are the life-changing books that will change your life. These one in a lifetime reading experiences often are out there for us to capture, but how do we know precisely where to look.

One rule of thumb is to ask fellow readers or other people in your field and ask them books they consider life-changing books and how those books shaped them.

Another method would be watching interviews of successful Industry Individuals and mapping out a pattern that shows the type of literature they expose themselves to.

Some life changing books

If you’re looking for life-changing books that will change your life, here’s my roundup of recommendations to help you leverage your strengths to your advantage in the real world.

1. The Alchemist

Number one on my list of life-changing books and my personal favourite- The Alchemist, a descriptive, easy-to-read story that teaches the beauty of overcoming obstacles on the journey to success.

I strongly recommend to everyone who loves to thrive and channel their focus on the path to what they love.

2. How to win friends and Influence People 

One of the oldest books in these life-changing books that will change your life category and one of the most efficient.

This all-time classic by Dale Carnegie teaches the subtle art of winning people over and influence because why not- being influential is undoubtedly significant in having a better life.

3. Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki goes all out and leaves no stones unturned in the carefully written habits of the wealthy and affluent.

What separates the rich from the poor? How can you understand the inner workings of the 1% to curate your life better? This book is all you need to change the way you see money and creating wealth.

4. Awaken the giant within 

For me, Tony Robbins, thoroughly dissected the strategy of controlling the inner workings of your mind and using that power to influence the activities of your outer self.

This bestselling book equips you with excellent strategies to take charge of your emotional life.

If this book doesn’t belong on the list of life-changing books that will change your life, then I don’t know what does.

5. Daring Greatly

If all it took to get your life in order were to get rich and move ahead in your career, there wouldn’t be any sad millionaires.

Unfortunately, that is not the case, regardless of how much you make, of you do not get your psychology right, your mental health will suffer.

Brené Brown explains in this book the significance of accepting our flaws and vulnerabilities, confronting our fears, and gaining the strength to live imperfection, conquering our fears of being vulnerable and mustering the courage to live totally.

There you go, the five life changing books that I believe are guaranteed to change your life for the better.

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