Do you know how books changed my life? I was an imaginative child and the type of child that would stay up late thinking of castles and dragons. I loved daydreaming and creating scenarios in my head. Over time, that changed.

The same kid who would spend hours creating fiction no longer could, the imagination and subsequently, the magic faded. That’s what happens when you grow up; you have obligations, bills, and all that magic kind-of disappears as you begin to pay attention to other things.

As messy as life became, though, one thing remained the same- my love for reading.

As a child, I was almost always pent up in my room, as a child, reading. My father always said when you need it the most, reading can change your life, so I was reading everything from romantic novels to thrillers and comedy, reading was everything. These days I do more of human psychology and self-help books.

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with how reading can change your life but think of it this way:

A lot of times, when I’m down or going through some issues, a book has changed my life. Somehow, there always seems to be a book for every problem that I face.

I’ve not read a tiny percentage of the books that exist, yet I feel like the many ones I’ve read, like a torch in a dark room, have always pointed me in the right direction.

Often, during a dark hour or an idle point, a book has changed my life. Several books have helped me find my voice and organize my life.

I believe that if it weren’t for books, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Books do that to you. Good books have the power, and if you let them, reading can change your life and give you that boost you need when you are feeling down.

I’m willing to bet that if you take time to think well, you can think of at least one book and how reading it changed your life.

How reading books changed my life

Some have experienced it and know how great books and reading can change your life, but for those who would love to experience transformation in the pages of a book, here a few ways that reading can change your life.


Often, when we go through challenges, we think we are alone, and nobody would understand us. That’s why there’s nothing quite like finding a book written by someone you’ve never met, probably years ago, carefully dissecting your issues as they’ve lived through it.

There’s a feeling of camaraderie and solidarity that comes with knowing you’re not alone, after all.


Another way reading can change your life is by enabling you to build empathy. Reading involves a lot of listening; you’re quietly taking through the authors’ mind as if you were in a conversation with them.

You’re at the receiving end, and the writer is subtly feeding you with opinions, advice, and ideas from their perspective. The author is not there with you; all they can hope for is that you care enough to listen and see things from their point of view.

This invariably improves your ability to connect and see things in another light. In other words, build empathy.


Finally, because it involves a lot of soul searching, reading can change your life by challenging you, pushing you to your limit, but when you do come out on the other side, you will grow stronger and become sure of the values that you hold dear.

That’s one of the most significant confidence boosts you can get. Confidence in yourself, your abilities, and your philosophies.

Finally, it’s important to note that while reading can change your life by building your confidence and your mental growth, also reading can change your life by exposing you to the right content and connecting you with the right people. that is how books changed my life. There’s no going wrong when you choose reading.

this is how reading books changed my life. Share with us your experience below in the comments.

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