Whether you’re a fan of eBooks or printed books, the truth is convenience is a significant factor when we consider reading medium.

Digital media is quickly taking over everything. Books are not left behind. The age of printed books has reached its final days; eBooks are taking over everything or so we thought.

At the turn of the century, eBooks set out to take over the reading scene.

Still, the continued success of printed books has proven to be a fierce opposition for its digital counterpart, thus sparking the same argument.

It’s doesn’t matter if its eBooks and Printed books; if it doesn’t fulfill the purpose of convenience, you will look the other way.

For me, I don’t drift one side when asked this question. All my life, I’ve been a fan of printed books, but I’ve had a series of times that, if not for eBooks, I might not have been able to read at particular periods.

A lot of people still get asked the same question today. Do you throw your trusty sidekick- printed books under the bus or ignore eBooks that had come through for you when you needed it the most?


I find it best to list the pros of each and then decide which mostly serves you,

The Advantage of paper.

To support the dominance of print in the battle of ebooks or printed books, here are four advantages of reading printed books

– Printed books have a pleasant feel to them, the sentimental smell of paper, the feeling of flipping from page to page all make reading a wholesome experience.

– You can share printed books with people, unlike ebooks, where sharing means that you must also share confidential details.

For safety, in this debate, printed books win here.

– When you read printed books, you do not need electricity. None of that, of charge your battery before you read nonsense.

– Finally, and probably the most important, printed books are cost-effective. They are much cheaper than the competition.

The Digital Key 

– With improves features, ebooks are much easier to access, making reading much easier on ebooks, you can quickly swipe with one hand, adjust brightness and angle to get the best experience.

– Ebooks provide access to millions of books: while you might need to fill your house and your neighbors to read even a quarter of books at your local library, ebooks provide access to millions of books with the push of a button.

– Highlighting and book markings are quite easy on ebooks, allowing easy referencing. Some ebooks even have dictionaries that you can use for cross-reference.

– Ebooks don’t get spoilt or tear. When you think of ebooks being slightly high priced over printed books, we do not think of the portability and durability.

The fact that you can take your ebook anywhere and not be scared of tear or getting ruined is a pleasure.

Which Is Better?

After seeing brilliant factors and pros from each side, I think that it’s safe to agree that deciding between Ebooks or printed books falls on personal preference.

One thing is clear, though, whether, through ebooks or printed media, you can be sure that your books will always meet your scholarly needs.

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