A book is only as exciting as the emotion it creates, the way it makes you feel you feel. Every book reader knows that the fact that there are best places to read is not a myth. To a reader, location is everything; reading Americanah on the bus is not the same as reading Americanah at home with a nice glass of coffee.

If someone had told me when I had just begun reading that someday, I would have to pick great places, I would have laughed because all I cared about at the time was getting my hands on books and read wherever I could. Needlessly to say, I have since seen the light and now a firm believer in the best places to read the gospel.

Unless you want to lie to yourself, there are always going to be the best places for reading; otherwise, people would do it everywhere- in the car, the cinema, stadiums- Everywhere.

Often, when I reminisce about reading a book, I remember the exact spot, the scented candles in my friend’s room when I read The Alchemist, the patch of grass at my grandfather’s backyard when I read Outliers. Other times, the terrible experience like standing in line or grabbing on for dear life in overcrowded buses ruined the book for me. The beautiful associations are all part of the experience, which is why I’ll always preach that there are still some good places to read over others.


While I can read anywhere, I won’t deny, I do have good places I love to read. These spots are usually my favorite when I want to have a good time with my book in hand. These are places I seek out when I have a book in hand. Here are 5 of my best places to read a book,


First on my list of best places to read unsurprisingly, is the home. What’s not to love, big spaces, privacy, you name it. Every single location in the home can compete well within its right as the good places to read. From cosy couches to beds and window seats, the home is the ultimate best place.


Cafes have lived up to their name as one of the best places to read a lovely book, order a nice cup of coffee and spend some quality alone time. Offering sweet snacks, serene music, and even Wi-Fi, if you are more of a digital reader, it’s not hard to see how Cafes made it so high on this list.


Ah yes. The beach. While for some, it’s the proper place to rip your clothes off and bathe in the sun, it could be your one-stop to enjoying that book you’ve been dragging. Admit it; only a few things sound better than listening to the sounds of the waves while you read. Does this make it a candidate for one of the best places to read, you bet!


Parks are underrated when judging the best places, but it’s way up there. The next time you go out to the park, take a seat somewhere, enjoy the calm breeze, and get lost in the pages of your book.


Libraries need no introduction, from the serenity to the nostalgia, libraries certainly have paid their dues and deserve to be on the list of best places to read.

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