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Connect with like-minded people and make sure they make the right decision about their passion and future.

Difference between and Passion and hobbies.

You may have many hobbies, but passion is something that only appears in your life on rare occasions. Passion requires that you take what you do very seriously, putting your body and mind into that task. If you live a hobby this way, it could be indicating to you that it is really a passion. If you’re relaxed when you’re doing an activity and not very enthusiastic, even if you’re enjoying it, you may simply be practicing a hobby. That’s why it’s important to take a little time to understand how you really feel when you’re doing things you love, so that you can identify your passions.

Passion is that which makes us exist, that which motivates us to do something, to make it happen, to do it well, to achieve that detail that nobody sees, that desire to do, that sense of belonging that we have for something, that is passion. If what you do is not passionate, it doesn’t make any sense; you won’t do it well. If what you are passionate about is unusual, more unusual is that you do not do it. Passion, when it is felt and discovered, is irremediable, nobody can handle it.

Haven’t you discovered your passion? We have your solution.

Discovering your passion or finding your vocation in life is something we have all considered at one or more times in our lives. We all, absolutely all, have a passion, something very different is that we have discovered it. And don’t worry if you haven’t already, Post Your Passion wants to help you. Since we were children in schools, we are taught everything, but we are not empowered in what we are really good at. Until a point comes when it is time to choose a career to have a profession and many young people have no idea what to study or what they are going to do in the future. This is clearly a problem, and more widespread among people than you might think, so Posts your Passion allows you to solve it. If you have never felt this, do not sit down and wait for it to arrive.

Do you have a passion? Tell the world. Benefits when you help others about your passion

We know how exciting it is to have a passion. We have one helping people! We also know that it must not have been easy to dedicate yourself to what you love, that your journey must have been full of wonderful moments and some bumps, and that you probably have an endless list of pros and cons about the career you chose, the job you do, or the dream you have pursued. Why not use that experience to help people who are not clear about whether that flame they feel inside is their true passion? Enjoy talking about what you love, tell your experience and help hundreds of people to know if your path can be theirs too. You will spread positivity and reach many more people than you might think.

What do we offer?

We provide you with a web portal where you can share stories, testimonials and opinions about your dedication so that others can learn and discover. Enjoy the pleasure of teaching about something you love or relieve your anxiety by discovering the secrets of what you think you are passionate about.

Live. Learn. Grow.

Live with Passion. Learn with Passion. Grow with Passion

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