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5 Tips on How to Organize Your Day as a Freelancer? Personal Experience

Today in this article I will discuss how I managed to organize my work as a freelancer. I hope this helps to organize your day as a freelancer. A few years ago, I started working remotely and set off to travel. My everyday life pretty quickly and effortlessly turned into a stock image, which first pops upon request of a “freelancer”: white sand, azure sea, MacBook

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Essentials for Travelling: 10 Item Ultimate Checklist

Looking for essentials for travelling? Travelling is fun. I’d say it’s up there among the list of things you should do more often. As fun as travelling is, though, there’s one question that always comes up – essentials for travelling? Packing for a trip is for me, one of those chores I’d rather not do. I mean, if I could, I would leave home and

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6 Life Hacks for Those Who Want to Change Their Profession

Have you ever thought about moving to another profession or field? If it seems to you that you are still in search of an authentic self in your career, if you could risk stability for the sake of your dream and try yourself in something new, then this article will be useful to you. How often have you had to change anything in your life

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11 Tips to Help You to Turn an Idea Into a Successful Startup

Jacques Fresco once said: I have always been interested in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci, but most of all, I was interested in learning about his surroundings. This makes a lot of sense, since great ideas do not come just like that, but are a product based on life experience and communication with the right people. I decided to share my experience in creating

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5 Tips on How to Love Your Work

We are taught from school that we need to love our work. Only now, in practice, not everyone manages to enjoy their work. Something always does not suit us or upsets us: colleagues, bosses, reports, a dress code, work Saturdays … All this puts pressure and causes stress. So how to love your work? You can, of course, quit. But such an opportunity is not

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7 Tips for Organizing Remote Work During Coronavirus Outbreak

On January 30, the World Health Organization called the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) a public health emergency of international concern. On March 6, the number of confirmed cases of the disease worldwide exceeded 100,000 people, which raised a new wave of questions about how companies and their employees for organizing remote work during coronavirus Outbreak  Fear of coronavirus growing, and business leaders are looking for ways

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Website design

The Beginning of The Path of a Web Designer

Once a friend of mine showed me a webinar on web design, and since then I’ve been in business! I was hooked in web design by the presence of a large amount of logic, psychology and, in principle, the very fact of such close interaction with a person. So I enrolled in web design courses and began

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10 Tips For Creating Content To Be Shared

You have repeatedly heard from marketers that content can gather a loyal audience around you due to its viral component. Viral content is distributed on the Internet due to the biological needs of people alone – people want to interact with their kind and share useful links. People are also forced to share exciting content

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What’s so special about traveling. Why do people pack their bags, leave the comfort of their homes to journey thousands of miles around the world? Why do some people take extended periods to backpack across the world? Who are these people, what drives them to make such decisions, what motivates them, and what’s all the

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stay-at-home dance workout

15 Easy Step-By-Step Moves for Your Stay-at-Home Dance Workout

April has arrived, and it’s about time you get some exercise in! After all, everybody’s stuck at home, and those extra calories definitely need some attention. Having an intense workout at the gym or a morning power yoga routine can be tempting. But naturally, only a few find the time to make it a part

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7 DIY Lighting Devices To Enhance Your Photography When In Quarantine

With nearly half the population of the world under some sort of order to stay at home, art has evolved to accommodate “quarantine content.” Instagram is abuzz with a global outburst of digital imagery capturing the pandemic. Quarantined users are trying to capture this seemingly apocalyptic lockdown, from once-bustling streets now rendered empty to cautious

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